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Local Economic Councils and LocalAct – Methodology of Localization of the Small Business Act

August 9, 2016 - admin

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As a form of regular dialogue between public and private sectors at local level on matters which are important for development of a local economy and facilitation of doing business of enterprises and entrepreneurs, establishing and functioning of economic councils in six local self-government units was supported. It is an effort to integrate perspectives and resources of the two, often different, sides and focus on issues that are the most important for local development.


LocalAct is a methodology of harmonized local work on the development of small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs (SMEE) according to the principles and standards that are valid in the countries of the European Union. LocalAct is based on the localization of the European Small Business Act, as a framework of the EU policy focused on SMEs and Index of Policies for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and it presents a unique attempt in the European practice so far. It enables fast focusing and concentration of local resources on improvement of business environment and instruments of support for the SMEEs, which the companies consider important for their businesses and development, and which the local government considers feasible, from the point of view of their capabilities and resources. The methodology was developed within the CREDO Krajina Project and it has been tested until now in 18 cities and municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Overview of Identified Priority Indicators /Measures /Instruments
from the Point of View of Sensitivity and Feasibility:











LocalAct – Methodology of Localization of the Small Business Act


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