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Trainings, Workshops and the Voucher program

August 8, 2016 - admin

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Within the CREDO Krajina project, six trainings and workshops were organized with participation of more than 130 directors of companies. Topics of trainings and workshops were the following: The challenges and opportunities for development of industrial enterprises, Improvement of processes and procedures in industrial enterprises, Opportunities and challenges of cooperation with companies from Germany by AHK – Delegation of the German Economy in BiH, Improving competitiveness through energy efficiency and Export Management. Also, a training on topic Improving standards and quality of products of the meat industry for food processing companies was organized. With these trainings and workshops we wanted to draw attention of directors of companies to the importance of selected topics, as well as to provide them a better basis for a possible investment in this area.

Video clip with statements on the subject of Workshops and the Voucher program:


In order to provide support to directors of companies in solving concrete problems which require specific knowledge, within the CREDO Krajina project, a Voucher Program for co-financing of consulting services was implemented. Through the Voucher Program of the project, the companies were awarded BAM 115,692 and the companies invested additional BAM 77,802. In this way, 21 companies successfully realized different business improvement projects. A significant number of consulting services was related to topics which were previously presented and discussed at workshops and trainings (e.g. consulting services for improvement of processes by using 5S system which companies Tri best and Spektra DMG used together after the workshop Improvement of processes and procedures in industrial enterprises).

Gallery of photographies of Workshops and consulting services from Voucher program:


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